Civic Engagement Toolkit

We know that when people hear the term civic engagement, they have various reactions. Some aren’t sure what it even means, some think it means something boring is about to happen, and some of us get excited! We developed this toolkit with the hopes of showing Utah that civic engagement is something that isn’t difficult to do or dull at all.

Through a gamified series of surveys, games, and quizzes, our toolkit educates users on what civic engagement is and how they can begin to get involved and advocate for the issues they care about to make a positive change in their community.

We have three levels for users to navigate. First, there’s Level 1: Getting to Know You, where users will learn about what type of advocacy they are most comfortable with and their top issue of concern. For Level 2: Civic Engagement 101, users will learn the basics of civic engagement, including getting informed, taking action, voting, building relationships, and taking a leadership role. Finally, for Level 3: Make an Action Plan, users will put their newfound knowledge to use. They’ll set goals and develop strategies on how to start getting civically engaged.

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Take our advocate quiz to determine if you are an introverted, ambiverted, or extroverted person who is a barnstormer, adaptable, or bridge building advocate.
Narrow the focus of your advocate work by taking our quiz to find your top issue of concern.
Start with the basics! What is civic engagement? Learn where you can participate in it, how much time it takes, and why it's important.
It’s important to use multiple sources to get the full picture of what’s going on in your world. Play this puzzle game to find nine ways you can get informed.
You practically have to be a detective to find out if a social media post has good information or misinformation. In this game, you'll look for clues to find out what makes a post misleading.
Take this quiz to narrow down your choices so that you can take action and get civically engaged RIGHT NOW.
Play this game to see if you can cast your ballot and get your vote to count!
Having relationship problems with your lawmakers? The Better Utah Institute is just a text message away with advice on improving communication between you and your elected officials.
The possibilities for taking a leadership position in your community are endless – There’s something for everyone! Play this game to learn about just a few of the many options.
Once you’ve found out about yourself and learned about civic engagement, it’s time to set some goals to start impacting your top issue.

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