The Better Utah Institute is a nonpartisan nonprofit that educates Utahns on issues of public concern and increases civic engagement.

Our Work

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Better Utah is on Capitol Hill for the 2024 Utah Legislature General Session. We’re providing daily updates and analysis about important bills and legislation Utah lawmakers are working on this year.

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Learn the fundamentals of civic engagement and how our local government works.

Get ready for the next election by learning all about the voting process.

Find out more about a key process that helps determine the progress we make each decade.

Brush up on how the Legislature transforms ideas into laws and how you can contribute.

2022 Ballot Guide

Every two years, Better Utah Institute provides an educational guide to the constitutional amendments, statewide initiatives, and other questions that Utahns will be asked to vote on during the election. In 2022, there will be one proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot. Learn more about it here!

Take Action

Speak up and stay involved

Contact Your Lawmakers

Send your lawmakers a message about an issue that is important to you and stay involved in the decisions that impact your community. Remember that decisions are made by those that show up.

Know who represents you

Find Your State Representatives

Look up your state representatives and learn more about them. Follow them on social media or lookup what legislation they have worked on or proposed.

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